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Anena Lillian

2017 Update on Anena Lillian

Anena Lillian has completed her certificate studies in nursing and now is employed in her field. She lives on site and cares for patients at night as well as during the day. She is pleased that now she can send some shillings home to her family.

At our 2017 meeting she sang a poignant song “You Raised Me Up”

2016 Update on Anena Lillian

Lillian is now finishing her last year at the Gulu School of Nursing. After her basic studies are finished, she aims to advance in her studies to eventually become a midwife.

Lillian is incredibly self-assured and well-spoken and often takes the lead at ChildrenUP general meetings.

2015 Update on Anena Lillian

Anena LillianLillian is now in her second year of nursing. The program is a very intense academic program as well as hands-on approach working at the hospital. She is in the same program as AtimVicky.

In her last letter to us, Lillian stated that she is already looking to life after this nursing school. She hopes to continue with her medical education becoming a midwife.

2014 UPdate on Anena Lillian

Anena Lillian has completed four years of secondary education. Having received high grades, she has been accepted into the Gulu School of Nursing. Her hope is to specialize as a midwife. Lillian continues to be a self-assured and confident young woman.

2013 UPdate on Anena Lillian

Anena Lillian is a leader. When we have a large group meeting, she is always willing to speak up and get things going. She is a very poised young woman who knows how to communicate to peers and adults. History and geography are particular strengths. She has said that she particularly enjoyed the festivities surrounding Easter celebrations this past year.

2011 UPdate on Anena Lillian

anena lillianLillan, her mother and siblings live near the primary school where she studied. We were able to call in advance to let them know we were coming. Because we had called, her uncle, his wife and children came to be there for our arrival. It took them over two hours to get to Lillian’s home. This is an example of how important education is to the people of Uganda.

Lillian is one of the best communicators of all the children we sponsor. She does not hesitate to speak to the video camera. She has scored well in her grades at Sacred Heart Secondary School. The last term saw a slight decline in her grades as she struggled with a death in her family.

Lillian is involved in the drama and dance club as well as an organization that tries to educate about the dangers and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Shealso belongs to a charismatic prayer group.

Her sponsors picked Lillian since they have a granddaughter named Lillian. We were able to share pictures of the grandparents with their grandchildren. Now the sponsors have an American and a Ugandan granddaughter named Lillian.

Her mother (speaking in Luo) and her uncle (in English) expressed their thanks for the support that Lillian is getting in her education. They encouraged her tokeep working hard.

After we had met, I was able to join Lillian and some of her siblings and cousins in kicking a soccer ball around. I am ashamed to say that the 15 month old did a better job than I did.

2010 Meeting Anena Lillian

Anena Lillian as a first month student at Sacred Heart Secondary School has especially enjoyedthe debating competitions and prayer time. She has been pleased with the effective teaching techniques that she has found in the school.