2010 ChildrenUP StudentAtim Vicky
Atim Vicky

2017 Update on Atim Vicky

Atim Vicky has earned a certificate in nursing at the Gulu School of Nursing. She is employed in her field of study and hopes to further her education.

2016 Update on Atim Vicky

Vicki is in her last year of at the Gulu School of Nursing. She is looking forward to finding a position in the medical community of northern Uganda.

2015 Update on Atim Vicky

Atim VickyVicky is now in her second year of nursing. The program is a very intense academic program as well as hands-on approach working at the hospital. She is in the same program as AnenaLillian.

In a letter to ChildrenUP she had mentioned that besides the hospitalexperience, this year they went to a rural health center to study health care in that setting.

2014 UPdate on Atim Vicky

Vicki has completed four years of ordinary level education. She is now enrolled in a two and half year nursing program at Gulu School of Nursing. We wish her well.

2013 UPdate on Atim Vicky

Atim Vicki has performed well in most subjects, though she does find the sciences to be a challenge. It always amazes us that a student like Vicki has 11 subjects to master in a school term. She stated in a letter that she “will live to remember your help, support and constant love that you have (given) towards my academic achievement.”

2011 UPdate on Atim Vicky

atimvickyLast year when I first met Atim Vicki, she was shy and reserved. We knew from her grades in elementary school that she was bright and capable and a hard worker. Upon returning this January, I waspleased to find that Vicki had grown in confidence and had found her voice. Of all of the students we interviewed this year she was the only one that spoke up and said that she had a need from us. atimvickyfamilyIt was not for money. She needed a letter that we were supporting her and paying for her tuition. She told us that a simple letter would make life simpler in dealing with school finances.

I had met her father last year and he is a wonderful man. Since we went to the home compound this year we were also able to meet her mother and siblings. It is a wonderfully supportive family. She has an older sister who has received support from another organization.

We are pleased to know that at the end of her first year at Gulu High School, Vicki was ranked #14 out of 287 students.

2010 Meeting Atim Vickyatimvicky

Atim Vicky did weekend labor to earn fees for primary school. She has shown herself to be hard working and committed. She now enjoys the fellowship of her classmates and enjoys the teacher student relationships at the high school level.