2010 ChildrenUP Student

2018 Update on Atto Concy

Concy has been working in the field as Medical Lab Technician. She has requested ChildrenUp to partner with her in now going for an advanced diploma in medical laboratory technology at Mildmay Uganda in Kampala.

2017 Atto ConcyUpdate on Atto Concy

Atto Concy proudly came to our ChildrenUP Office while we were in Uganda.She was able to show us her Ugandan certificate as a medical lab technician. She is employed in her field of study and hopes to further her education.

2016 Update on Atto Concy

Atto Concy may be the first ChildrenUP student to complete her studies and to go out into the work world. Around July of this year she will complete her course work as amedical lab technician from Lacor Hospital. Then she will begin to look for employment! We wish her wellin finding work.

She has expressed confidence in learning to draw and analyze blood and to be able to detect the parasites for malaria among other laboratory procedures.

2015 Update on Atto Concy

Following a slightly different path but still within the health care realm, Concy opted to go into a medical lab program. In this capacity she has begun taking blood samples from patients and taking them to the lab for analysis. She can identify malaria parasites under the microscope.

She is in her second year of study in the program. We know Concy is a hard worker and are eager to follow her progress

2014 UPdate on Atto Concy


Concy has completed four years of ordinary level of education. She has been accepted into a medical lab technician-training program at St. Mary Lacor Hospital that begins in August 2014. We wish her well.


2013 UPdate on Atto ConcyAtto Concy

Atto Concy received all distinguished and commendable grades as she finished her third year. The head teacher wrote “a good and promising girl.” She is rated in Division One, the highest standard in the Ugandan educational system. It was also noted that she has been very responsible to the other members of her dormitory. She sends her “high degree of appreciation … all the board of ChildrenUP for having a helpful hand toward my education.

2011 UPdate on Atto Concy

atto concyConcy lives one and half hours from the town of Gulu and lives in what had been the largest IDP’s (internally-displaced persons camp) during the war. Unfortunately, we were not able to contact her before we arrived. When we arrived, she was home alone. By nature Concy is shy and quiet. She was surprised at our arrival and was not quite sure what to do, but invited us to sit in the house, while she tried to find her older brother. When he arrived we realized that her mom had gone to get some medicine. Eventually she was able to return home.

Concy’s mother was also overwhelmed at having these visitors in her home, but she was gracious and appreciative of the support she was receiving. We complemented Concy on her incredible success at school. From term one to term three her class rank had increased significantly and she is an outstandingConcyandBetty student. Though quiet by us, she was elected as a class representative at her school and is a member of the wildlife club. Earlier this year our daughter and our mentor, Jennifer, visited with Concy and she was very happy to see them.

Since she is so quiet by nature, I wanted to try to show another side of her personality. Since the neighborhood children had been sitting at the door of the home and watching us, I suggested that she try to organize the children into having a race. This seemed to put her at ease as she had fun with the children.

We are grateful for the support of the members of the Flo Fund who are supporting Concy in memory of Aunt Florrie.attoconsy

2010 Meeting Atto Concy

As a grade 7 student Atto Concy managed 8 siblings while still performing well in school. She is incredibly quiet young woman who has found friendship with Atim Vicky and is blossoming with the care of mentor Jennifer Oyaro. Atto Concy’s education is being supported in memory of Florence Lesniak.