2010 ChildrenUP Student
Kinyera Simon

2018 Update on Kinyera Simon

Kinyera Simon is now in his second semester at the Lacor School of Nursing. To date he has experienced care in the Young Child Clinic and learned to resuscitate a new born and take care of seizures. He was then assigned to the operating theater and as a scrub nurse.

2017 Update on Kinyera Simon

Kinyera Simon has been accepted into the St. Mary Lacor Nursing Program. He will begin his five semester certificate program in November 2017.

Kinyera Simon2015 Update on Kinyera Simon

Kinyera is one of four boys who took their “A” Level exams, finishing their secondary education. The exams ended in November 2015 and yet the results may not be known until March 2016. We must be patient to hear of the results. The boys are all eagerly awaiting results qualifying for entrance into university or a vocational path.

Kinyera was a prefect during his sixth year. We recognize his leadership skills.

2014 UPdate on Kinyera Simon

Kinyera Simon has completed four years of ordinary level education and has begun advanced secondary education at Pope John Paul II secondary school. He has been very involved in religious activities at school and he hopes to join the Catholic seminary after secondary school.

2013 Update Kinyera Simon

Kinyera Simon has done particularly well in history, religion and French. In fact in his most recent letter he wrote to his sponsor: “Je suis tres content de vous ecrire ma letter…je voudrais visiter votre pays pendant les vacances de quatrieme annee après les derniere examines dans le trosieme termes. Que Dieu vous bennisse. Merci beaucoup” …I am happy to write this letter to you. I would like to visit your country during my vacation in my fourth year after the final exams. My the Lord bless you. Thank you very much.

2011 Update Kinyera Simon

This January 2011, we visited Kinyera Simon. His father and mother are very gracious people, who welcomed us into their home.

The transition from village life to dormitory living has been a challenge for Kinyera this past year. He had a few challenges dealing with life at boarding school. We are pleased to report that through the efforts of the mentor team, Kinyera has been able to adjust and has started to make new friends at school.

We are pleased to report that academically he doing very well. With a big smile on his face, he was able to list all the 13 subjects he has had the past year. He loves physics, biology and chemistry. After the first year of secondary school at St. Joseph Layibi, he is ranked #38 out of a class of 201 students.

2010 Meeting Kinyera Simon

Kinyera Simon did hard labor to pay for his own primary school fees. He had been in charge of hisfive siblings. Now at St. Joseph Layibi College he is meeting new friends and working to perform well in the end of term examination.