2010 ChildrenUP Student
Okello Francis

2018 Update on Okello Francis

Francis is now in his third year (out of five) to become a medical doctor. He had an agonizing year two, as a teacher strike kept students from taking final exams for an extended period. He continues to do very well.

2017 Update on Okello Francis

Francis is now in his second year of studies at Gulu University, majoring in Medicine and Surgery. He is doing well. Recent studies have included Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology as well as computer skills.

2016 Update on Okello Francis

Francis scored very well on his final exams after the Advanced Level. He scored so well that he received a government scholarship that would pay for his college tuition. He is attending Gulu University in the five year medical and surgical program. We will continue to support him with other expenses.

In between terms the student go home for a month or two. We heard from the coordinators that Francis would go to work in the garden and help his parents with the crops all day to prepare for his national exams this year. However he did not want his grades to falter, so he would awake at 3 a.m. to study before he went out for the day.

2015 Update on Okello Francis

Francis is one of four boys who took their “A” Level exams, finishing their secondary education. The exams ended in November 2015 and yet the results may not be known until March 2016. We must be patient to hear of the results. The boys are all eagerly awaiting results qualifying for entrance into university or a vocational path.

Last year when we were in Gulu, we learned that when he had a month break between terms, Francis went home and helped with the farming. However he wanted to make sure that he was keeping up with his studies, so he would get up at 3 a.m. to study before helping the family. That is dedication.

2014 UPdate on Okello Francis

Francis is going to Our Lady of Africa advanced secondary school in Kampala as a result of having received extremely high grades in four years of ordinary level school. He would like to be a medical doctor. We are hoping that after two years he can achieve a university scholarship to follow his dreams.

2013 UPdate on Okello Francis

Okello Francis completed his third year and ranked the number one student for the third straight year. As he enters his fourth and last year of “O” Levels, he will be making decisions as to his future education. He can continue to the two-year Advanced level or follow a vocational track. When we met him in January 2013, he asked us if he could be given extra tutorial training in the sciences as he felt that would help his over-all performance on the Senior Four Leaving Exams.

He has written to ChildrenUP: “Words alone may not be enough to express my inner most feelings of appreciation but please accept it as to assure …my show of happiness. May Almighty God bless you as you continue with your great parental and kind care.”

2011 UPdate on Okello Francis

When we arrived at Okello Francis’ home many in the family were farming a distance away. A sibling went to tell them that we had arrived. The family was very thankful that we came and we had a pleasant meeting. At the end of the meeting, the family wanted to say thank you with a presentation of a chicken. The video footage of the boys in the family running and chasing the chickens was delightful. Eventually the chicken was captured and formally presented to us.

We are very proud that Churchville Middle School in Elmhurst, Illinois sponsors Okello Francis. Proceeds from their snack bar and arts events go to supporting this wonderful young man. And Francis has responded well. He is the top ranked student at Sir Samuel Baker Secondary School!

okellofrancis and churchvillbetty and chicken

2010 Meeting Okello Francis

Okello Francis was a gracious host as the family greeted Allan and Charlie at the family compound when they visited with news that Okello Francis was being supported by ChildrenUP. Okello was quiet in demeanor yet most pleased by the news of his support. In his first month at Sir Samuel Baker School he scored a perfect paper in mathematics! Way to go Okello! There is a short video of the visit to his family compound on our website.