2010 ChildrenUP Student
Okello Jimmy Ronaldo

2018 Update on Okello Jimmy Ronaldo

Ronaldo has completed his studies in Water and Health Sanitation. He was ranked as the top student in the school for his year. He is now doing his industrial internship.

2017 Update on Okello Jimmy Ronaldo

Ronaldo is studying at the Uganda Technical Institute in Lira, Uganda, majoring in Water and Health Sanitation Engineering. As of October 2017 he was ranked at the top in his class. He has also been very good in staying in communication with the staff in the USA and Uganda.

2016 Update on Okello Jimmy Ronaldo

Ronaldo has now successfully completed six years of Ordinary and Advanced secondary education. Ronaldo has begun a 2 year diploma course in water and sanitation engineering at Uganda Technical College in Lira.

2015 Update on Okello Jimmy Ronaldo

JimmyRonaldo2013Ronaldo is one of four boys who took their “A” Level exams, finishing their secondary education. The exams ended in November 2015 and yet the results may not be known until March 2016. We must be patient to hear of the results. The boys are all eagerly awaiting results qualifying for entrance into university or a vocational path.

We know that Ronaldo is a very hard worker and look forward to knowing how we can assist him in the future.

2014 UPdate on Okello Jimmy Ronaldo

Jimmy Ronaldo has completed four years of secondary school with very high grades on his UCE exams. As a result ChildrenUP has decided that he should be given a chance to study at Our Lady of Africa in Kampala, which has a wonderful record of having its students achieve university scholarships. He would like to be a civil engineer.

2013 UPdate on Okello Jimmy Ronaldo

Okello Jimmy Ronaldo has ranked as the number two student in his class. He has had Distinction 1 grades in 6 of his 9 classes. His school mentor has said that he takes his studies very seriously and that he has been friendly and jolly with his mates and the staff. He enjoys playing soccer and regularly attends church services.

2011 UPdate on Okello Jimmy Ronaldo

okellojimmyronaldoWe saw Ronaldo in January 2011. What an incredible young man. He is rated #5 in his class out of a class of 201 students! At the beginning of last year, teachers thought that he was a poor student because he did not want to answer in class. During the past year the mentors worked with the teachers to make sure they were aware of his intelligence. Since the average class size is around 80 students, the teachers needed to be made aware that Ronaldo was reluctant to talk in class because he stutters.

When we first arrived he proudly brought out a large binder that held all of his papers and exams from the past year. This was a powerful familyway for him to communicate his success to us. It is amazing to realize that Ugandan students study 13 or 14 courses in a week. Some may meet only once a week for one subject and others may be five times a week.

I have Ronaldo on video tape thanking his sponsors for their assistance. It was a pretty emotional for me to video tape.

A word about Ronaldo. He is a total orphan with no living relatives. Clan members of his tribe have stepped forward to watch over him and make sure that he was safe as he was growing up. On our visit the care and pride the clan held for Ronaldo and his successes was so obvious. We were so pleased to see the warmth and friendship that the clan gave to support Ronaldo. We acknowledge the warmth and care his sponsors have shown Ronaldo as they have suffered family losses also.

2010 Meeting Okello Jimmy Ronaldo

Okello Jimmy Ronaldo It is no secret that Ronaldo refers to a famous soccer player, Okello Jimmy loves soccer too. Ronaldo is an orphan with no living relatives. During primary school he survived on donated food and clothing. He did incredibly well in primary school and in his Primary 7 leaving exam. At St. Joseph Layibi College [high school] he has done well in his classes this first month and is developing new skill during this first month of high school is learning to play guitar.