2010 ChildrenUP Student
Oryem Patrick

2018 Update on Oryem Patrick

Oryem Patrick has just completed studies in Computer Studies at Gulu University. We are waiting to hear what lies ahead for Patrick.

2017 Update on Oryem Patrick

Patrick is continuing his studies at Gulu University in computer studies. He will have completed his third of four semesters in December 2017. Patrick was elected to the student council. He has also been able to find some part-time work during his school free time.

2016 Update on Oryem Patrick

Patrick has begun a 2 year diploma program in computer coding and studies at Gulu University.

2015 Update on Oryem Patrick

Patrick is one of four boys who took their “A” Level exams, finishing their secondary education. The exams ended in November 2015 and yet the results may not be known until March 2016. We must be patient to hear of the results. The boys are all eagerly awaiting results qualifying for entrance into university or a vocational path.

He is president of the school’s “Human Rights and Peace Club” and has met with the regional director of the Ugandan Human Rights Commission. This experience has profoundly affected him.

ChildrenUP also is thankful to Patrick for helping the younger students in our organization at his school.

2014 UPdate on Oryem Patrick

Patrick has completed his four years of ordinary level secondary education. He is now studying at St. Joseph Layibi College for his two years of advanced levels. His main areas of concentration are Physics, Economics and Math with a sub-concentration in computer technology. He often facebooks with members of the ChildrenUP board.

2013 UPdate on Oryem Patrick

Oryem Patrick performed exceedingly well in his third year of secondary school receiving marks in the distinguished and commendable categories. We are pleased that Patrick has taken on responsibilities for coordinating the ChildrenUP students at Gulu High School. He has made good friends and in a holiday period managed to travel to visit Simon at his homestead. He has enjoyed debating and football outside of class time. It should be noted that since his first year at secondary school, Patrick has improved his grades significantly.

2011 UPdate on Oryem Patrick

patrickI am under no illusions that I understand Patrick’s home life. He lives in challenging conditions. The hut he lives in at home is in bad repair. The thatch on the roof does not keep the rains away. This makes life difficult in terms of living and keeping school supplies dry when he is on school breaks. There are other family members involved, though he has no mother or father. When we saw him at his homestead this January, he appeared tense. grandma

At school Oryem not only has done well since the start of secondary school, but as the year progressed his class rank has shot up dramatically! He is now twelfth out of a class of 287 students. He said that living at school has given him “an appetite for learning”.

He has taken advantage of the opportunity of an education to free himself from his past. When asked what he hoped would happen as a result of getting an education, he answered that he wanted to free his younger brothers from the life they had in the village.


2010 Meeting Oryem Patrick

Oryem Patrick has creatively problem-solved a way to improve his studies. He has asked older students to assist him. Great idea Oryem!
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