2010 ChildrenUP Studentowacgiwusimon
Owac Giwu Simon

2014 UPdate on Owac Giwu Simon

Owac-Giwu Simon successfully completed the first four years of secondary school. He is now doing advanced studies at Pope John Paul II secondary school. His subject specialties are Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

This was Owac Giwu Simon's final year with ChildrenUP. We wish him the best.

2013 Update on Owac Giwu Simon

Owac-Giwu Simon is entering his last year of the secondary school “O” Levels. He is presently ranked second out of 288 students in his class. Students are allowed to choose three optional subjects. Simon picked computers as one and has asked ChildrenUP to help him find ways to get more access to computer time in order to practice and do well on his end of year exams.

At our general meeting, I was walking around with my camera as Simon posed with a hand-written sign: “I am proud of ChildrenUP”

He writes: “Academically, we did the National mathematics contest of the best “O” Level maths performing students were selected. Out of 20 students, I qualified to be the best in our school. It was quite memorable for me”

In his computer class Simon was excited to google “ChildrenUP” and find our website.

2011 UPdate on Owac Giwu Simon

OwacgiwusimonOwac-Giwu’s family are a warm and close-knit family who have a positive outlook on life. Owac-Giwu’s father is a teacher who cannot afford to send his own children to secondary school, due to the number of children and the costs of tuition and supplies. The family compound was difficult to find as it is well off the beaten path. A brother was ableto meet us on the main road to lead us to the home. We sat inside the home and were treated to a wonderful meal. It is the Acholi tradition to always feed guests. We were able to talk with family members who were delightful. The atmosphere was relaxed and we felt very much at home with the family.

familyand friendsAfter the meal we went outside and I asked Owac-Giwu if he could walk me around the family compound and explain to me life in the family compound. He is a very well spoken and confident young man. He showed me avocado and orange trees that he was starting as seedlings and how he protected them from wind and from being eaten by small animals. He explained the barrier trees to the property and how they would be used to eventually build a new hut.

Owac-Giwu had challenges at school with serious bullying from older students as well as misunderstandings with the housemaster of the dormitory. The mentor team enlisted the aid of one of the teachers and has suggested that the school move Owac-Giwu from that dormitory into another where we have another student, Oryem Patrick.

2010 Meeting Owac Giwu Simon

Owac Giwu Simon has been the top performing student in the northern district of Uganda in his P7 Leaving Exam. Owac Giwu is a very well spoken young man who is working hard during his first month at Gulu High School.