2010 ChildrenUP Students

Okello Jimmy Ronaldo It is no secret that Ronaldo refers to a famous soccer player, Okello Jimmy loves soccer too. Ronaldo is an orphan with no living relatives. During primary school he survived on donated food and clothing. He did incredibly well in primary school and in his Primary 7 leaving exam. At St. Joseph Layibi College [high school] he has done well in his classes this first month and is developing new skill during this first month of high school is learning to play guitar.

Okello Francis Okello Francis was a gracious host as the family greeted Allan and Charlie at the family compound when they visited with news that Okello Francis was being supported by ChildrenUP. Okello was quiet in demeanor yet most pleased by the news of his support. In his first month at Sir Samuel Baker School he scored a perfect paper in mathematics! Way to go Okello! There is a short video of the visit to his family compound on our website.


Kinyera Simon He did hard labor to pay for his own primary school fees. He had been in charge of his five siblings. Now at St. Joseph Layibi College he is meeting new friends and working to perform well in the end of term examination.



Oryem Patrick has creatively problem-solved a way to improve his studies. He has asked older students to assist him. Great idea Oryem!
[See more about Patrick in our UP Beat story!]


Owac Giwu Simon


Owac Giwu Simon has been the top performing student in the northern district of Uganda in his P7 Leaving Exam. Owac Giwu is a very well spoken young man who is working hard during his first month at Gulu High School.


anena lillian

Anena Lillian as a first month student at Sacred Heart Secondary School,has especially enjoyed the debating competitions and prayer time. She has been pleased with the effective teaching techniques that she has found in the school.



Atim Vicky did weekend labor to earn fees for primary school. She has shown herself to be hardworking and committed. She now enjoys the fellowship of her classmates and enjoys the teacher student relationships at the high school level.




Atto Consy As a grade 7 student she managed 8 siblings while still performing well as at school. She is incredibly quiet young woman who has found friendship with Atim Vicky and is blossoming with the care of mentor Jennifer Oyaro. Atto Consy education is being supported in memory of Florence Lesniak.


All these students here are focused on performing well at school. ChildrenUP is honored to be connected with them.