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Acan Rovister

2018 Update on Acan Rovister

Rovister has begun her second year in nursing. She has recently spent time learning how to care for a newborn. She was pleased that at church she was selected to do the readings during the mass.

2017 Update on Acan RovisterAcan Rovister

Rovister is studying at the Lacor School of Nursing and Midwifery. Recentclasses have included Pharmacology, Basic Nursing, Physiology, First Aid, Microbiology. She is in the second of five semesters of study.

2016 Update on Acan Rovister

Rovister has completed four years of secondary school and achieved a Division Two status in the National Ugandan Certificate of Education which now will allow her to go on in her education. Though she had originally wanted to go into journalism, her mother counseled that nursing would be a more practical choice to follow. She has recently been accepted into the Lacor School of Nursing.

During high school she served as vice-prefect on the Judicial Committee. She was elected as the president of the fashion and Design Club as well as a member of the Straight Talk Club (which deals with AIDS and other topics.

2015 Update on Acan Rovister

Rovister is in her last year of Ordinary Level secondary education. Her final exams covering all her subjects over a four year period are finished in November 2015. However, the results will not be in until late February early March 2016. So it is a waiting game to see how she may continue to develop her future career goals.

2014 UPdate on Acan Rovister

Rovister is a very poised and well-spoken young woman who is able to clearly articulate her ideas. At the end of year two at Gulu High School she was ranked number 13 out of a class of 257 students. Besides playing soccer, she has recently been elected Assistant Head Girl at Gulu High School. One of her dreams is to be a radio or TV presenter.

2013 UPdate on Acan Rovister

Acan Rovister is presently ranked #53 out of a class of 327 students. She isdoing particularly well in literature and religious studies. She has been very active in the football (soccer) program. As a member of the team she has been able to attend competitions in other parts of Uganda.

She has had health problems which have affected her studies. We are hoping that these difficulties are behind her. We are pleased that Rovister has taken the initiative to seek out advice from the mentors and coordinators whenever she has encountered difficulties.

2012 Meeting Acan RovisterRovister

Acan Rovister is the second oldest of 6 children. Her father was in the army during the war with the Lord’s Resistance Army. During that time he disappeared. Her mother grows crops near the familyhome and then is able to cook the food for her family but also for travelers who commute on the nearby road.

Rovister’s dream is to become a doctor. She was selected because of her outstanding performance, her serious work ethic and her ability to stay focusedrovister fam.

As she began her schooling at Gulu High School, she told us her favorite subjects were geography, religion, biology, commerce and agriculture. She is very active on the school soccer team, and because of her involvement she has been to competitions in other parts of Uganda.

In her very first school term she was rated #38 out of a class of 335. Rovister is doing very well and we are pleased to note that she is being supported by the Elmhurst Presbyterian Church.