2012 ChildrenUP Student
Okello Geoffrey

2018 Update on Okello Geoffrey

Geoffrey graduated from “A” Levels with three principle passes, which is an achievement. He has applied to the Gulu School of Nursing to become a Clinical Medical Officer (comparable to a Nurse Practitioner). It is a three-year medical program beginning in August 2018.

2017 Update on Okello Geoffrey

Geoffrey is presently in Advanced Secondary Studies at St. Joseph Layibi College. He will be taking the national UACE exam in November which will determine his “next step”.

2016 Update on Okello Geoffrey

Congratulations to Okello Geoffrey who did so well in secondary school that he has been admitted to St. Joseph Layibi secondary school for their Advanced Level program for the next two years which will enable him to either go to university or to a number of different post secondary diploma programs.

He told us a touching story about a man and his wife who were fighting. There was no one else around so he stepped in and was able to quiet the situation down between the spouses.

2015 Update on Okello Geoffrey

As he finishes his “O” Level education Geoffrey has excelled in many of his subjects and is listed in Division One. He would like to get a degree in medicine.

Geoffrey is in his last year of Ordinary Level secondary education. His final exams covering all his subjects over a four-year period are finished in November 2015. The results will not be in until late February or early March 2016. So he waits to see how he may continue in developing in the future.

Geoffrey has been particularly eloquent in thanking ChildrenUP for the assistance he has been given as he had no hope of going on to secondary school. Maine West High School gets credit for connecting with and supporting Geoffrey.

2014 UPdate on Okello Geoffrey

Geoffrey is attending Sir Samuel Baker School where he excels in the sciences and math. In his class last year he was ranked number one in a class of 46 students. When we visited in February, he was able to talk on camera and told us that his favorite subject is physics because he enjoys the calculations involved. He dreams of being a doctor.

2013 Update on Okello GeoffreyOkello Geoffrey

Okello Geoffrey finished his first year of secondary school with many of his grades in the distinguished and commendable range. He ranked number four out of a classs of 209 students. We were pleased to be able to give him a set of textbooks for him to use during the next three years. He has also asked for extra help in the sciences. He was pleased to find out that Maine West High School is supporting his education and was willing to pose in the school T-shirt.

Geoffrey writes: “I am a member of the scripture union as far as religion is concerned, literature / dramatic club and the patriotism club. These clubs have assisted me … molding me to be a good person in the future… My one and most lovely hobby is football (soccer). I enjoy playing football so much.”

2012 Meeting Okello Geoffrey

Okello Geoffrey is an orphan. The Lord’s Resistance Army, a group thatterrorized northern Uganda for over 20 years, killed his parents. His uncle, a Baptist minister, and his family have taken Geoffrey in their care over the years. He managed to stay in school by cultivating and selling crops. He was not able to afford to go to secondary school, despite his high grades. He then repeated grade seven hoping that some help might still come. It was at this time that ChildrenUP became aware of his story.

His favorite GeoffreyUnclesubject in school has been technical drawing, and he particularly appreciates the student-centered approachof the teacher. He also enjoys intramural competitions at the school.

As he finished his first term at Sir Samuel Baker School he was ranked #1 out of a class of 54 students.