2013 ChildrenUP Student
Ivan Gabriel

2018 Update on Ivan Gabriel

Ivan Gabriel is now studying at the Gulu School of Nursing. He was assigned to the Young Child Clinic dealing with immunizations, family planning and post-natal care. But as a side note, the students were all wary when they had to visit the mortuary. That was an unexpected new experience.

2017 Update on Ivan Gabrielivan

Ivan Gabriel began his nursing training in November 2017. He will take his five-semester course at Gulu School of Nursing.

2016 Update on Ivan Gabriel

Ivan has been a sincere hard worker. His grades have been average but he has not given up. And finally in the term of his third year he did very well and was in Division One in the top third of his class. Congratulations. We are very pleased with his progress.

In a letter to us he mentioned how much he appreciated the help he has gotten from the ChildenUP coordinators. In school he enjoys soccer when he has time and has joine the Human Rights Club and the Straight Talk Foundation (dealing with AIDS and related issues). He also enjoys gospel singing.

2015 Update on Ivan Gabriel

We are always pleased when we receive a letter from Ivan as he loves to end his letters with stories, jokes or tongue twisters. It give us an insight into his personality. In classes he did extremely well in geography and mathematics. Outside of the classroom he enjoys soccer and jogging and has joined the “Straight Talk Foundation” which deals with issues surround A.I.D.S. and other topics.

2014 UPdate on Ivan Gabriel

Ivan is entering his second year of secondary education at St. Joseph’s College at Layibi. He particularly enjoys French class. His mentor reports that he is doing his very best to succeed in his academics. We are pleased to report that Ivan has taken our two new students, Gerald and Kenneth under his wing and is assisting them to adjust to life in secondary school.

2013 Meeting Ivan Gabrielivangabriel

Ivan Gabriel did exceptionally well on his primaryLeaving Exam. This is even more impressive since he comes from a rural school. Rural students are the less likely to acquire sponsorships from other organizations.

We traveled for well over an hour to reach his village and then walked through sorghum and maize fields for another kilometer. What impressed us is that we had passed his primary school about 5 or 6 kilometers back. A distance he walked back and forth since first grade. We also learned that after grade seven he could not find the finances to go to secondary school. He decided to repeat grade seven to improve his knowledge. (This is the third ChildrenUP sponsored child who has done this).

When we arrived under the mango tree, we were given chairs as the family gathered accompanied by neighbor children. Though Ivan was a bit overwhelmed by the attention, his father was a wonderfully concerned parent who asked about ChildrenUP. As we talked we found the reason for his concern. An older brother had been selected by another organization only to be dropped after one term of schooling.

Ivan felt comfortable enough to tell us that his favorite subjects were social studies and math. We enjoyed a family picture taking session that included some neighbors as well. We will be anxious to see him next weekend at our ChildrenUP meeting along with our other sponsored students.