2013 ChildrenUP Student
Lakareber Harriet

2015 UPdate on Lakareber Harriet

Harriet has had more challenges than the rest of our students due family concerns. In 2014 she conferred with the ChildrenUP coordinators and we decided that in was in her best interests to move back to the family village and attend a day school. This presented many challenges as the curriculum was different than what she had been studying a Gulu High School.

Though it is quite further away from the town where the ChildrenUP is located, we thank our coordinators for staying ion touch with Harriet and helping her with her needs.

This was Harriet's final year with ChildrenUP. We wish her the best

2014 UPdate on Lakareber Harriet

Harriet is in her second year of secondary school at Gulu High School. She is an excellent student and is ranked number 35 out of a class of 257 students at the end of her first year.

In a letter to ChildrenUP she mentioned that it took a bit of adjustment to get used to the environment of secondary school. She has become good friends with Kevin and together they enjoy giving an occasional spontaneous phone call to our coordinators.


2013 Meeting Lakareber Harrietharriet

Harriet is 16 years old. She sat for her PLE (Primary Leaving Exams) last year and scored a good first grade but she could not join secondary school due to financial constraints. She had to retake the PLE again this year just to remain in school.

Harriet is the last born with no father and an elderly mother. She lives with her half brother who takes care of her. The mother stays in a village 40km west of Gulu. Harriet visits her mother during school breaks to help her with garden work. During school time she stays with her brother near the school she attends.

Harriet's head teacher highly recommended her as a hardworking girl who actually deserves a schorlaship. Harriet has been leading in her class for a long time.

Harriet has indicated Sacred Heart and Gulu High as her first and second choices respectively for secondary education. Her guardians had fears of not being able to pay for her to attend school. They were very thankful when Harriet was picked by ChildrenUP.