2013 ChildrenUP Student
Apio Kevin

2018 Update on Apio Kevin

Kevin has begun her studies at the Lacor School of Nursing. In a recent letter, we loved her note: “A nurse opens the eyes of a new born and gently closes the eyes of a dying person.” During the first term, she did practicals at the dental clinic.

2017 Update on Apio Kevin

kevinKevin began her certificate of nursing program at LaCor School of Nursing this November.

2016 Update on Apio Kevin

In her letter to ChildrenUP Kevin mentioned that she had been suffering from malaria but that the school nurse helped her get better. Outside of classes she has enjoyed soccer and “fashion and design” club, where she makes necklaces and earrings among other things.

In her end of term letters to us she writes delightful stories and poems which we truly enjoy.

2015 Update on Apio Kevin

Kevin loves animals and cannot wait for the time between terms when she can go home and watch the young goats playing and having her cat cuddle up with her and sleep with her. In the third year of secondary school students are allowed to pick three subjects they would enjoy beyond the mandatory classes. This year Kevin picked agriculture, religion and commerce. She is a very active girl who loves soccer.

This term she had the opportunity to do something extra and learned to make earrings and necklaces among other things.

She also told a funny story about being afraid of butterflies when she was young, but in biology class she learned to appreciate them and was not shocked when she woke up one night to find a caterpillar on her lips!

2014 UPdate on Apio Kevin

Kevin is studying at Gulu High School. At the end of the first year she was ranked number 57 out of a class of 257 students. Along with her friend Harriet, they will occasionally make a friendly call to our coordinators just to touch base. She has mentioned that she is also proud that her parents support her educational ambitions.

2013 Meeting Apio Kevin

The family knew that we would arrive sometime that Sunday. Mother and daughter were still at church when we arrived at their home. Kevin’s father went to church to let them know we had arrived. Mother and daughter were dressed in their Sunday best.

The pictures of Kevin may baffle some American followers of ChildrenUP, since “Kevin” is a girl’s name in Uganda. Kevin is a delightful young woman who greeted us warmly, as did her mother and father.

Interestingly, they were very inquisitive as to the nature of our organization and very protective of their daughter. We found this to be wonderful, positive parental concern. It seems that there have been some “sponsorship” scams and the parents were looking to the seriousness of our offer of assistance.

At our annual general meeting the following weekend, the older students warmly welcomed Kevin. On her primary school leaving exam, Kevin ranked in the top division. We wish her a successful first year at Gulu High School.