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Grace Olympia

2017 Update on Grace Olympia

Olympia continues to be a charming young woman who is always ready to help others. She will be taking the national Uganda Certificate of Education exam in November 2017, which will determine her future.

2016 Update on Grace Olympia

The one thing that impresses us most is Olympia’s incredible smile that lights up a room! It is always a joy to be with her. And this year we were able to meet her and her mother at their home where we were warmly greeted.

Olympia is doing extremely well at school. In a class of 188 students she is ranked #37. We are very pleased with her success. Interestingly, in a letter to us she mentioned that besides doing well in her studies she is interested in developing innovative skills! We are impressed.

Though she has mentioned that she would like to be a doctor, she thinks that she will go into nursing so that she can earn some money to help her mother pay for the education of her younger siblings.

2015 Update on Grace Olympia

As the school year began, we were pleased to see that Olympia was ranked 37th out of a total of 188 students in her class. She excelled in English, Religion, Mathematics, Accounting and Entrepreneurship. She achieved these results despite having suffered from two bouts of malaria. She has also been active outside of class playing Volleyball and joining the Young Christian Society and the Wildlife Club

Her mother told her that she is the star of the family, being the first to get a secondary education and is setting her goals to be a nurse and helping educate her younger siblings.

2014 Meeting Grace Olympia

Grace Olympia completed primary school at Mother Angeoletter Primary school. ChildrenUP is proud to be supporting her at Pope John Paul II secondary school. When we first met her at our February general meeting, we were impressed by her ability to communicate clearly and with confidence in front of a group.