2014 ChildrenUP Student
Ajok Sharon

2018 Update on Ajok Sharon

In Advanced Levels Sharon is specializing in mathematics, economics, geography and computers. Sharon had her challenge at the end of the first school term at Ocer Campion. During term one finals she was in the school infirmary with a serious case of malaria. The exams were taken as she lay in bed.

2017 Update on Ajok Sharon

Sharon is maintaining good academic grades as she completes secondary school. We look forward to seeing her final UCE grades. We will be anxious to follow her as she moves ahead in making some academic career choices.

2016 Update on Ajok Sharon

When we met Sharon and her mother this past January we were sorry to hear that their mud hut had recently burnt to the ground and they had lost all their possessions. Yet they came to our annual meeting and participated and were delightful.

Sharon is the only ChildrenUP student enrolled at Sacred Heart School. Unlike our other students at other schools she does not have a support network except for the visits by the coordinators. We are pleased to note that Sharon finished her ssecond year at the top half of her class.

2015 Update on Ajok Sharonsharon

In her second term grades Sharon has excelled in English Literature and in arts and crafts. She also received good grades in history, agriculture, physics, home management and computer studies. She asked the ChildrenUP coordinators for assistance as she was having eye problems. We sent her to an optometrist and bought her some glasses. We hope this will make studying a bit easier.

2014 Meeting Ajok Sharon

Sharon has just begun with Children UP. She is attending Sacred Heart school for girls. She live with her mother and is the oldest of five children. She did extremely well on her leaving exams from Koch Gomma Primary School.