2014 ChildrenUP Student
Ojok Kenneth

2018 Update on Ojok Kenneth

Though the ChildrenUP mentors were not convinced that Kenneth should go on to Advanced Level education, Kenneth requested us to allow him to do these studies at St. Joseph Layibi. He is specializing in math, geography and economics in the first year of a two-year program.

2017 Update on Ojok Kenneth

Kenneth is finishing his fourth year of secondary school. He has been maintaining good grades and has been classified in the top academic division. He will be taking the national Uganda Certificate of Education exam in November 2017, which will determine his future.

2016 Update on Ojok Kenneth

In a letter to us this past year, Kenneth was so pleased with the grades he received in his mid-term exams. Out of 16 grades (they take many classes in one year) he received 11 grades that were marked “distinction”. That is the highest grades possible.

Outside of classes he has joined the Wildlife Club and has enjoyed playing Rugby when time allows. When he has been at home during the term breaks he dug a small plot of land to grow cabbages and tomatoes to help the family financially.

2015 Update on Ojok Kenneth

We are pleased to see that Kenneth has been doing extremely well in a number of subjects: religion, history, technical drawing, commerce and accounting. He has joined the WiKennethldlife Club. He is also making new friends at this school. On holidays back home he has been busy planting tomatoes and cabbages trying to help with family income.

2014 Meeting Ojok Kenneth

Kenneth has just begun secondary school with ChildrenUP. He is attending St. Joseph’s College at Layibi. He succeeded very well in primary school at Koch Gomma. He is one of six children. His mentor reports that he is an out-going person who fits in easily with his peers.