2015 ChildrenUP Student
Aloyo Patricia Joyce

2018 Update on Aloyo Patricia Joyce

Patricia is now attending Sacred Heart. Her performance has improved slightly and we are hoping for her continued improvement. She has been plagued with malaria and has had to go home on two occasions in the term.

2016 Update on Aloyo Patricia Joyce

In a recent letter she complemented ChildrenUP in not only caring about her education but her health as well. She has had malaria this past year and all the ChildrenUP students were given hepatitis B vaccinations which she appreciated.

We were pleased to hear that an aunt managed to get extra tutoring for Patricia in the sciences. We are pleased that the family has taken this initiative and that Patricia is taking her academics seriously.

2015 Meeting Aloyo Patricia Joyce

Our coordinator, Walter Nyeko says “records indicate that out of seventy-four girls whohad enrolled seven years ago [in primary one] in the Alero area, only eight girls were sitting as Primary 7 candidates in the 2014 primary leaving examination. Patricia from the village of Pabbo did complete primary school and has begun the 2015 Senior 1 classes at Pope John Paul II College in Gulu.

Patricia’s father died during the war in northern Uganda. She lived with her uncle as he offered to pay for her primary education.