2015 ChildrenUP Student
Arop Geoffrey Ivan

2018 Update Arop Geoffrey Ivan

Arop is in his final year of secondary School at St. Joseph Layibi. We are pleased that he often takes initiative in establishing a study group. His letters at the end of term continue to have delightfully insightful poems. He is a role model for younger students.

2017 Update Arop Geoffrey Ivan

Geoffrey Ivan continues to do well in academics. He is in his third year of secondary school. He has been doing so well, we will be anxious to see what decisions he will make upon completing high school.

2016 Update Arop Geoffrey Ivan

Geoffrey Ivan has stated that he hopes to be either a plumbing or building engineer. But in his letters to us at the end of each term he writes a small poem, which are truly beautiful.


Ever wonder why
We are black and white
Yet we came from Adam
Was he black or white?

Ever wonder why
We are called one people
Yet there are boundaries
And we have wars?

Ever wonder why
We talk about people’s goodness
Only when they are dead
Are they only good when dead?

Ever wonder why
We cry for good
And never for God
Who is most precious?

Ever wonder why
We always wonder?

2015 Meeting Arop Geoffrey Ivan

Talk about determination! In what would be our grade 8, Geoffrey Ivan is entering secondary school at 17 years old! He will be 21 by the time he finishes 4 years of “O” Level secondary education. After that he has an option of 2 or 3 years of vocational school or two years of advanced secondary school. By that time he will be 23 or 24 years old!

It is amazing how he managed to get through primary school. In his village there are no regular schools with regular teachers. The “school” itself is a thatched roof structure and the teachers are persons selected by the village to teach the students. These teachers do not necessarily have any formal teacher training. The best news about this system is that the class sizes are very small 2 to 7 students per class. Regular schools often have as many as 150 students per class.

Geoffrey Ivan went to school as often as he could until he had completed 7 years of school. At the end of grade seven he needed to take a national exam. Since his school did not offer this possibility, he registered at a school further away to sit for the exams. We are proud to say that he did very well on the exams and Children UP is proud to be his sponsor.