2015 ChildrenUP Student
Ayaa Agness Petra

2017 Update on Ayaa Agness Petra

Ayaa Agness Petra will be taking a leave from ChildrenUP due to family concerns.

2016 Update on Ayaa Agness Petra

Agness has completed her first year of secondary school and is now in year two. In a letter to us she mentioned that the other ChildrenUP students at the school have helped her adjust to school and she has made other friends as well. She hopes that someday she can become a lawyer.

In her first year she joined the Christian Youth Missionary Group and is part of a dramatic group that performs outside the school.

She has also joined the church choir. She has mentioned how much she appreciates the care that the coordinators have given her over the course of the year.

2015 Meeting Ayaa Agness Petra

When Agnes began her first year of primary school she was one of eighty-seven girls in her grade. At the end of her primary seventh year, she was only one of seven young ladies still attending school. There are many reasons for girls dropping out of school. Those girls who persevered show that they and their family value education. Agnes was the best performing girl from all three schools around the village of Alero. She scored in division two in the national seventh grade leaving exam. We welcomed her at our 2015 annual general meeting of students, parents and coordinators. We were pleased at how comfortable and conversant she was in these new surroundings. We wish her a most successful experience at Pope John Paul II School.