2015 ChildrenUP Student
Opiyo James Reagan

2017 Update on Opiyo James Reagan

Reagan has been working hard in secondary school, despite having some lingering health problems. He is in his third year of secondary school.

2016 Update on Opiyo James Reagan

Reagan had a challenging first year. He was often ill. Rachel, our coordinator took him to the doctor for tests and examinations. He is better now. He has worked hard at school which shows on his report card.

During the year he enjoyed playing soccer. He belongs to the wildlife club and has been helping school projects doing charitable work in the neighborhood. We wish him a good second year.

2015 Meeting Opiyo James Reagan

We met with Reagan at his home. On Tuesday the following day we were busy delivering supplies to St Joseph Layibi School. We had just left the school and we were about two miles away, when Rachel told Watum to stop the car. She rolled down the window and yelled across the street when she spotted James Reagan. Since the family had absolutely no money, he had walked to school.... a distance of about 30 miles. My image of Reagan immediately changed that this young man really did want an education and that he had what it takes to succeed.

His interactions with Rachel were purposeful and animated. Rachel gave him the money he would need to obtain his admission letter and transport money so he could get a motorcycle taxi back home.