About Our Coordinators

As any parent of a teenager knows, once that teenager is in high school, parental guidance is not enough. Teachers, counselors, club advisers, and coaches assist in the raising up and the education of each of those teenagers. Imagine a teenager you know leaving home to live at high school. The ChildrenUP family of students do just that. They leave whatever security they knew in their community, their family, and their friends in order to attain a secondary education. To guide and assist our students, ChildrenUP has incorporated the expertise of coordinators.

The coordinators oversee each studentís academic, social, emotional and financial situation. They meet with the students at the beginning of each term in a school year providing them with the school and personal supplies that they will need. In addition to this, they meet with the students to talk with them, check their course work and counsel the students. During these school campus visits, the coordinators meet with the in-school mentors and classroom teachers to keep abreast of the students needs and accomplishments.

The team handles payment of tuition and purchases supplies for each of the three terms.

The team also is available for emergency calls.

Coordinators reports are filed with ChildrenUP each trimester so that the board is aware of the progress and the needs of each student.

Meet our ChildrenUP CooOkello Vincentrdinators

Okello Vincent

Okello Vincent is our ChildrenUP Uganda Branch Director. Okello Vincent is an instructor of Agriculture at Opit Secondary School. He has recently completed a degree in computer education at Gulu University.

Vincent and coordinator Akullo Rachel have been responsible for spearheading the legal acceptance of ChildrenUP Uganda as a recognized subsidiary of ChildrenUP. In this capacity Vincent has been working with governmental agencies and officials whose responsibility it is to watch over educational programs.

Walter NyekoWalter Nyeko

Walter Nyeko teaches social studies and physical education. He also coordinates athletic competitions between various schools. In this capacity he regularly interacts with teachers in other schools and sees our students during inter-scholastic events. He visits with our students regularly and reports on student performance.

Walter taught during the period of the L.R.A. rebel uprising in northern Uganda. It was during this period that he helped work with Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) in the Gulu area.


Rachel Akullo Rachel Akullo

Rachel Akullo teaches tailoring at a vocational school. As a coordinator, she is a wonderful resource for our female students. At the end of each school term she assesses student needs and does the shopping and organizes the delivery of supplies.

After elementary school, Rachel’s family sent her to a vocational school. Using her ingenuity, Rachel found ways to learn tailoring, eventually becoming a teacher herself. Rachel received a university scholarship for further educational coursework. Rachel understands the value of educational sponsorship.