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    Summer 2010

    Our two mentors in Uganda, Allan and Jennifer, wrote summaries of their visits with the children. Among the highlights of the reports:

    1. The government of Uganda abruptly terminated term two of the school year a few weeks early, leaving the students, mentors and teachers scrambling for an orderly end of the school term!
    2. Atto Concy joined the wildlife club and is a class representative for her grade.
    3. Kinyera Simon is on the soccer team a member of young Christian students and the French club. He has been elected to be class captain.
    4. Okello Jimmy Ronaldo is also on the soccer team and a member of the church choir.
    5. Owac-Giwu Simon is in the peace club and a member of the Young Christian Students club.
    6. Anena Lillian is a member of the Music, Dance and Drama Club, participates in Drama and is a member of the Young Christian Students club.
    7. Two of our students are having adjustment problems to living life in a dormitory and away from family. The others seem to have adjusted well.
    8. There are 3 terms to the school year. In between the terms the students have assignments but are often conflicted with duties at home: fetching water, weeding the garden or searching for firewood.
    9. A huge thanks to our mentors who not only visit the schools and children, but also travel as much as one-and-a-half hours to visit the homes of the children.

    July 7th - Nicole Laliberte, who supports ChildrenUP, arrived in Uganda for several months of research work in other areas. Her presence has allowed us to be in direct Skype communication. She has been assisting ChildrenUP’s Director of Operations and the mentors in scanning reports and otherwise communicating with other ChildrenUP members.

    June 23th - The Elmhurst Public Library hosted the Director of ChildrenUP. The ChildrenUP director presented a travelogue of Uganda highlighting the beauty of the country and the diversity of animal life. Despite a heavy rainstorm and a tornado warning that had everyone huddled in the basement of the library a half-hour before showtime, eleven brave souls managed to attend. It turned out to be a delightful evening. ChildrenUP thanks the library for making this event possible.

    June 26th - We hosted the ChildrenUP’s first fundraiser. We were delighted with the turn out and success. The wine tasting was accompanied by hors d’ouvres. The director made a presentation on the children we are supporting. In our sale room visitors bought paper bead necklaces from Uganda as well as small framed fabric art work of Ugandan imagery as well as larger contemporary art done on Ugandan tree bark cloth. ChildrenUP was pleased to make available our new ChildrenUP Tee-shirts designed by Ed Rebek of JOED Designs.

    July 31st - The City of Elmhurst, Illinois celebrated “Green Fest”. ChildrenUP had a booth selling Ugandan recycled paper bead necklaces, and art made on Ugandan tree bark cloth, a renewable resource. Our surprise was the anonymous donation of a used computer to bring Uganda. A special thanks goes to our mysterious donor.

    August 9th - The Ugandan Director of ChildrenUP, Mr. Ambrose Okot, underwent an operation for an ulcer and was in the hospital for 5 days. He is now recovering at home but is in still much pain. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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