June 2010 ~ UPbeat from ChildrenUP

A Great Fundraising Success.

A special thanks to all the people who made our first fundraiser such a success!

We were able to raise enough to send one more Ugandan child through secondary school for 4 years. Along with other donations we have received this year we are well on our way to adding more children to our efforts. We are indebted to Dotty and Joe Valintis for hosting the event in their home. Mike Hoyne and Maddy Allen presented the wines and chose the appetizers that accompanied the wines. Members of the board and friends shared the tasks to make it a success. We have already had requests asking when we will do it again!

Thanks for the Interest

The following groups have asked for presentations during the past three months:

Churchville Middle School / April 20 and 21
Elmhurst Rotary /May 6
Elmhurst Presbyterian Church / May 13
Kiwanis of Addison, IL / May 18
Central DuPage Rotary / June 16
Elmhurst Public Library / June 23

Coming UP in July:

Elmhurst Green Fest: July 31
ChildrenUP will be selling Ugandan paper beads and paintings on Ugandan tree bark cloth. We also will be collecting used and usable laptop computers to bring to Uganda.

Quick UP-Dates on our sponsored children:

Note: Our secondary students take 12 -15 courses each year. The weekly schedule looks much different from our American high school schedules.

Lillian has a large family of 10 children. As a result, there is simply no money to send her to school, despite the fact that she scored the highest on the National Leaving Exam in the Gulu and Amuru Districts. Lillian attends Sacred Heart School for Girls. In her first term, she enjoyed debating, music, dance and sports. Sacred Heart School does not give first term grades.

Vicky has enjoyed learning how to use a computer during her first term. She has also been participating in the fellowship services in church. She has found technical drawing to be particularly challenging. She scored very well in geography and history. At the end of first term at Gulu High School she ranked 17 out of a class of 295!

Consy has had quite a life change. As a 7th grader she was responsible for her 7 younger siblings, while her parents were resettling their farm land. Now at Gulu High School she has ranked in the top 20% of her class. She is particularly proud of her high grade in chemistry. She also has high marks in computer science, technical drawing, physics and religious studies.

Patrick has a difficult time due to a home situation. Though it can make him depressed, he managed to rank 39 out of 295 students at Gulu High School. This is a great accomplishment. He has stated that he has benefitted from informal study groups. He has enjoyed organized athletics and is particularly pleased with his English skills. He says that the mid-term Chemistry exam was his biggest challenge.

O-G Simon also attends Gulu High School. He ranked an amazing 3rd out of the 295 students! He is particularly proud of his physics grade and has enjoyed athletics at Gulu HS. He has also participated in church activities. We thank our mentors for rushing him to the hospital to treat the difficult ear infection. Simon has written a wonderful thank you note to ChildrenUP asking Almighty God to bless us.

Francis attends the Sir Samuel Baker School. In his class section of 37 students, he was ranked #1. Last year Francis should have gone to high school but did not have the money. So he repeated grade 7, because he wanted to...not because he had to. With this kind of dedication it is not surprising that he is #1 in his class. His dorm supervisor said that Francis is an active house member. Indeed, he formed an academic discussion group and has made many friends. He is suffering from an eye problem which needs attention.

Ronaldo has no living relatives! In the past he survived by begging for food and clothing. A clan father has made sure he was safe, though due to extreme poverty could not help him otherwise. Despite these hardships, Ronaldo was one of the highest scoring children in the Grade 7 Leaving Exam. It is a testament to his initiative in using the opportunity afforded him that he has ranked #11 of 202 students at St. Joseph College Layibi (a secondary school). He has done particularly well in History, French, Agriculture, Physics, Biology and Music.

K. Simon has particularly enjoyed studying French with some of the older students. When the school lost electricity, Simon used the small amount of spending money allotted to him each term to buy candles so he could keep studying. He did particularly well in history, agriculture chemistry, biology and music. We have high hopes for someone willing to spend his spending money on candles in order to study at night.



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