August 20th is just around the corner!!!

David Martin Aliker and Kevin Bailey from BOSCO will be in Elmhurst for a series of talks. Mr. Aliker will speak to the Elmhurst Rotary at noon. In the evening at 7 p.m., he will speak at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 537 S. York St. in Elmhurst. All are welcome to attend. Please click here for the details.

BOSCO? is connecting northern Ugandan villages with each other and with the outside world using the technological assistance of University of Notre Dame alumni. The Catholic archdiocese of Gulu Uganda hopes that such communication will help in the reduction of violence in the north as well as help in the education and well-being of the people. For more information:

ChildrenUP speaks to the Lions Club of Elmhust

On Monday, July 20, the director of ChildrenUP, Mr. Charles Laliberte spoke to the Noon Lions Club of Elmhurst, Illinois. The presentation included the lushness of the Ugandan landscape, but also the havoc wrought by the Lord?s Resistance Army. An emphasis was placed on the education of children, including a picture of a third grade classroom with 155 students. He told of the personal stories of Nancy, Norbert and others whom he met in Uganda.

Visit to Uganda

Nicole Laliberte of ChildrenUP visited Uganda in June 2009. Nicole met with school officials, Ugandan NGO?s (non-governmental agencies) as well as with other students. She also did some groundwork for ChildrenUP, evaluating projects we are presently sponsoring and setting up new contacts for ChildrenUP. This is beneficial for the ChildrenUP?s director who plans on visiting in October. During last year?s trip, Nicole met with teachers at Kirombe Primary School as pictured in this photo.

A Quick Overview of the situation in Northern Uganda!

The rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have plagued the north for over twenty years. In that time the LRA abducted over 30,000 children and used them as child soldiers and sex slaves. Villages were burned; people were killed or brutally mutilated. To keep the rebels from enlarging their army, the government moved almost two million people into Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDP Camps) which have existed for these last twenty years.

The LRA continues to operate brutally in southern Sudan and in the Congo. However, in northern Uganda, the people hope that peace has come to them. They return to their lands and the government dismantled the camps. As a result, the people face major challenges including resettlement, education, and health care. Supporting the education of the children of northern Uganda is the focus of ChildrenUP.