November 2009

ChildrenUP is pleased to be working in conjunction with Dr. Ambrose Okot. Dean of the faculty of Education and Humanities at Gulu University.   During the month of October, Dr. Okot and his research assistants have identified 14 high-performing grade seven students.  In Uganda high school begins at grade 8.  It is our hope to provide assistance to one boy and one girl through high school.   We are interested in partnering with others in the hope that more children may get access to a secondary education.  For this reason we are publishing short narratives about the 14 students. Click here to check out there stories!




A Quick Overview of the situation in Northern Uganda!

The rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have plagued the north for over twenty years. In that time the LRA abducted over 30,000 children and used them as child soldiers and sex slaves. Villages were burned; people were killed or brutally mutilated. To keep the rebels from enlarging their army, the government moved almost two million people into Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDP Camps) which have existed for these last twenty years.

The LRA continues to operate brutally in southern Sudan and in the Congo. However, in northern Uganda, the people hope that peace has come to them. They return to their lands and the government dismantled the camps. As a result, the people face major challenges including resettlement, education, and health care. Supporting the education of the children of northern Uganda is the focus of ChildrenUP.