Support a Student

Make a difference in the life of an Ugandan youth. By supporting a student for a year or throughout his/her high school education, you are providing that student with the opportunity not only to improve his or her life, but also to make a difference in his or her community. You are initiating a ripple effect. Today’s student can become tomorrow’s doctor, teacher, scientist, artist or entrepreneur. The ripple effect continues.

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These students attend high school as a result of individuals or groups who made the decision to make sure one student is guaranteed an educational opportunity for a year, some promised to support for four years.

Would you like to invest in the future of a student? The money you contribute in support of a student covers not only room and board at the high school as well as tuition and books, but also bathing soap, washing soap, toothpaste, sanitary kits, a flashlight and batteries, shoe polish, shoes, school uniform and sweater, a ten-liter jerry can, a sixteen-liter bucket, transportation to and from the village, and more.

If you choose to invest in the future of a student, to start the ripple effect of an education, to help dreams become reality, click on the support a student button, fill out the donation form, and make your donation with a check sent to ChildrenUP or with your credit card through PayPal.


Mail your check to:

481 W. Alma St.
Elmhurst, IL 60126